Walk in tubs have some great safety features

Bathing is one of the most important times in our daily routine. Bathing is a part of ordinary routine and the normal and ordinary people can be done this with ease. But those people who are facing mobility problems can not done this with ease and comfortably. The bathroom is a tragedy waiting to happen for the disable people and older one.

This is because the bathroom floors are extremely slippery that is why these are typically accident prone. Bathroom is a place where every one wants to be left alone at peace in the privacy of their bathing. But the old people and disabled or handicapped persons do not enjoy independence in their bathing because they always need someone who can help and assist them during bathing. Walk in tubs are the product specially manufactured for handicapped and older people.

These walk in tubs comes with some amazing safety features, these people make the mobility easy and disable people can get in out of bathtub with extreme ease. These safety features reduce or prevent the risk of injury so that is why the older and handicapped people can enjoy their bathing due to these walk in bathtub. If walk in bathtub installed in the home then older and disabled people do not need someone while bathing and they can restore their independence.

Some of the most important safety features of walk in tubs are as follows.Low threshold doorwalk in tubs have low threshold doors. The height of the entrance is 3 to 8 inches so the older and handicapped persons do not face any problem getting in and out of the bathtub. Easy locking mechanismThe locking and closing of doors is very easy it can be done by minimum grip strength.

So the handicapped do not face problem.In built safety grab barsWalk in bathtubs have in built safety grab bars. These bars support the weight of the holder and these are strategically placed in the walk in bathtub for easy and comfortable access. Easy to useThe controls of the walk in bathtub are very easily accessible. You can operate all the controls with one hand and it requires minimum force of the bather. Anti skid surfaceThe floor of the walk in bathtub is specially designed to prevent skidding and slipping. Rapid drainage systemWalk in bathtubs have rapid and quick drains.

Double drains system of walk in tubs offers the fastest draining time so that is why the bather can get out as early as possible after bathing.